Thursday, 10 March 2011

6 Months

Wow. Yes. Almost 6 Months since my last blog. Where has that time gone?

Work has become almost unbearable. There is just some much work and so few of us to do it all. Part of the reason that I've taken the opportunity to Blog today is that my colleague is leaving. If you've read my Blogs you know that for some time now it's been just me and him. Well soon it'll just be me. Not good.

But hey That's not why you're reading this is it? You all want to know what's happened between Mrs NH and me since my last Blog almost 6 months ago...

The Letter

Ah, yes 'The Letter'. The one I'd written so many times in my head, and the one I'd written on my PC many times but never printed. The letter I actually finished, ready to print to give to Mrs NH.

But I never did.

Not long after my last Blog Mrs NH changed.

It was almost as if she'd READ my blog. READ my blog and realised who The Neglected Husband was. Almost as if she knew Mr NH was ME, her husband!

The Change?

I've no idea what caused Mrs NH to change. No idea why she did change. No idea why after all these years she suddenly, merely a few weeks after my last Blog, became a sexual animal again.

Like I say, there I was still expecting the same Mrs NH. Preparing myself for 'The Letter' and if I'm totally honest, preparing myself for the worst. I was readying myself for a potential break-up of our marriage and even divorce.

Then Mrs NH suddenly changed. One night, a weekday, not even a weekend, she suddenly because very amorous. She was a highly charged sexual being. I was honestly totally confused, I mean where did this suddenly come from?

It started after we'd both had baths. Usually I kept away from Mrs NH as she seemed to hate me being around when she was bathing. This night she actually asked me to be there. She gave me a little show... and ahem, a 'helping hand' too through my clothes.

To say I was confused, puzzled, whatever you want to call it is an understatement. It was a bit like a dream, almost as if it wasn't happening.

By the time I'd had my bath Mrs NH was in bed, with her night wear on. I remember muttering some comment and thought nothing of it. I believed I'd had my 'treat' for now and it was back to normal again, a flash in the pan...

But then she shocked me.

I'd got into bed beside her when she leant forward and asked me if I wanted to play with her breasts...

Uh, what? Did I hear that right?

She sat forward in the bed and asked me again. Yes I had heard it right!

Somewhat shocked I gently started to touch her from the front... I'd almost forgotten what to do and just how good her tits felt... Then she turned away from me.

"Oh great, what have I done" I thought, as my hands fell away.

"try it like this " she said as she guided a hand back to her breast so I was behind her. My other hand reached for the other breast and I started to play.

Mrs NH was clearly starting to enjoy this! I thought to myself I how lucky I was just doing this when shock number two happened.

And I still can't believe she did it now as I'm writing this.

Mrs NH bent over and started to kiss me. Well not me as in my lips and mouth.
She was kissing my cock!

Ok it was through my night wear, but Mrs NH was kissing my cock. kissing my cock for the first time in well over a decade.

Of course this sent me wild and my body 'responded' shall we say, as I carried on playing with her tits.
Feeling very confident I slipped my hands under her top so I was touching her skin. Her nipples where like peanuts, they were so hard as I played with them.

Then came shock three. My NH slipped my cock out and began to lick it.

Oh. My. God.

I began to think I was dreaming. This couldn't be real. I must be asleep having a vivid dream.

No, no, no. This was real...
It was real Ok, 'cos Mrs NH stopped licking and kissing. Damn, have I done something?

I carried on playing with her tits, running my hands down her curves to her crotch... trying to open her legs...

Then she let me in... While I didn't have skin to skin contact it was obvious she was *really* turned on. It didn't take much of this before I got...

Shock four.


Did she really just do that?

Without any warning Mrs NH had got my cock out again, but this time she took it straight into her mouth!!!

Oh my god, oh my god! "this can't be happening" is all I could think.

But it was.

I slipped my hand down between her legs inside her nightwear, touched her mound and she jumped. My hand explored and then came shock five. She was very trimmed. Not totally smooth, but trimmed. My hand found her clit and as I explored more I discovered that her wetness highlighted that her pussy from her clit downwards was totally smooth. OMG. Again.

As I continued to explore she continued to suck... Then she stopped.

"Oh no" I thought. But she got up on her knees, pulled off her top and dropped her bottoms. She grabbed me, lifted me up and pulled off my bottoms. I was naked from the waist down.

She came up and kissed me on the mouth. This is the Mrs NH who before would NEVER have sucked me and then kissed me. She kissed down my body, back to where she'd been. My hands quickly found her tits, and the other hand her pussy. With her on her knees over me her tits where gently swinging against my chest as she sucked.

My hand explored her wet pussy, sliding up and down. I reached over and started to kiss her leg, trying to reach for her lovely thighs. I could think of nothing else but wanting to bury my head between her legs.

I gently tried to pull her around and she moved without a fuss, still sucking and kissing me. I could almost reach her pussy...

Shock number six. without me even doing anything she swung her leg over me...
She presented in front of my face a lovely soaking wet pussy. Tentatively I began to lick.
Mrs NH squirmed. She tasted wonderful. Boy had I missed that beautiful taste.
I buried my head in her pussy, licking, nibbling, teasing her clit, exploring her folds. Mmmm...
And she was still sucking, licking.

"Is this really not a dream?" I thought. But it wasn't.

I felt her pull away from me. She grabbed a condom and put it on me. Mrs NH never put condoms on me, that was always my job! Shock seven.

She moved around and mounted me. And for the first time in I don't know how long we made mad, passionate love. And we FUCKED, like animals.
I'm not sure how we kept going as long as we did, but we did. But eventually we both came together... and I felt her muscles on my cock like I hadn't in years... I exploded.

We lay together for I don't know how long. It was hours.
It took me a long time, but I told her that I thought I'd lost her forever. She told me I hadn't and that "I'm back".

Was she? Was it all just a one off? Has she really changed? Or did something make her do it?

Well you'll have to wait for my next Blog... But there is lots to tell and lots to catch up on...

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  1. I am happy for you. I can't wait to hear what happens next!

    :) Susie